Door Sets

“It is strongly recommended that pre-hung, pre-finished fire doors (i.e. door-sets) are specified whenever possible as this reduces the amount of site work necessary and allows normal factory quality control procedures to be applied to the finishing operations”

BS8214: 1990 “Code of Practice for Fire Door Assemblies with Non-metallic Leaves” – extract.

Youngs Doors doorsets are an engineered set of components intended to function as a complete and fully-finished assembly.  All components are pre-assembled and matched at our factory for straightforward installation and re-assembly at site.

Traditionally, a door and frame installation comprises a similar set of elements sourced from disparate suppliers, brought together, assembled and finished on-site by a number of individuals of differing skill levels; A set of factors that may bring unseen errors by an array of suppliers/installers focusing only on their individual element.

This means that a traditionally sourced door-set assembly may not replicate the test conditions under which it was certified – crucial where a life-safety function is present.

Quite apart from the quality of installation, is the added value of the factory engineered door-set.  The reduction in site hours and resultant cost savings are well documented.