Specialist Doors

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In certain specialised applications an even greater level of performance is required from door assemblies.

Acoustics, hygiene, X-ray protection and impact resistance are just some of the areas in which Youngs Doors extensive experience reaches.

Acoustic Ratings

Recent changes to building regulations have significantly increased the requirement for acoustic door-sets.  Becoming specified ever-more widely in market sectors as diverse as Healthcare, Retail, Commercial, Hospitality and Education acoustic door-set assemblies, when integrated into an acoustically designed wall or partition system, can significantly reduce the transfer of sound from one space to another.

Youngs Doors can offer timber door-set assemblies equipped with a combination of highly specialised acoustic seals backed by test evidence to offer acoustic sound reduction levels up to 43db.

X-ray Protection

Healthcare facilities employ an ever increasing quantity and variety of scanning equipment, some of which produces harmful radiation.  Designed specifically for these areas Youngs Doors X-shield door-sets are constructed with lead shielding to protect hospital employees and patients. X-shield doors are ideal not only for Hospitals, but also dental surgeries, clinics and other scientific environments.

Youngs Doors have been manufacturing lead-lined doors for over thirty years. They can be manufactured to retain a similar outward appearance to other doors used on a project, maintaining a cohesive appearance across a scheme.

Youngs Doors Reduced Swing

Youngs Doors Reduced Swing Doorsets are technically articulated doors with one panel that’s twice the width of the other, when the door is operated the wider panel pivots in a track above the door, simultaneously swinging and moving sideways, to fold flat against the narrower panel. As the wider panel pivots at mid-point while moving sideways, its outward swing is only about one third that of a single wide door.

The door leaves and frames are made by the skilled team at Youngs Doors who manufacture the reduced mobility doorsets in a variety of specifications for an original fit-out or retro-fitting of hospitals, rest homes and any areas where the requirements of access are compromised by restrictions of space.  Tried and tested hardware of the highest quality is used; all pivot, sliding and hinge ironmongery is factory fitted to ensure correct and smooth operation.

Impact Resistance

In areas of use such as schools, hospitals and industrial, doors are installed in tough environments where impact and abrasion is a daily event.  Youngs Doors can manufacture doors from a choice of cores offering fundamental strengths.  Facing options can be specified to give durability without compromising appearance.  In addition, we offer a range of edge protection options which can be retro fitted to improve the performance of existing doors.

Encapsulated Door Sets

The creation of hygienic environments such as clean-rooms, food production facilities, pharmaceutical production lines, operating theatres, washrooms and other similarly sanitised zones may call for doors and frames to be encapsulated within a durable plastic skin.

This versatile hygienic and easy to sanitise sheet material can be applied to every surface of the door and frame.  Hygienic encapsulation of door-sets presents a new and significant opportunity to the specifier, when colour schemes, colour contrasts and DDA compliance can all be integrated – within the hygiene standards required.