It’s not just our own strict quality control procedures that we must satisfy – Youngs Doors are proud to be part of the BM Trada Q-mark Fire Door Manufacturer Scheme.

There is a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to provide proof of the ability of their products to resist the passage of fire through the provision of test evidence. The Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturer Scheme has been designed to allow fire door manufacturers not only to demonstrate that their door meets the legally acceptable standards, but to provide on-going reassurance that their product is fit for purpose.

This on-going reassurance is in the form of regular independent auditing of manufacturing procedures. All our fire doors are identified by a tamper-proof identification plug indicating fire rating, and rated glazing rating if fitted.

Every door we produce is uniquely identified and each stage of the manufacturing process is recorded. This assists in the regular independent auditing of our production and enables us to manufacture replacements to an identical specification in the event of damage in service.