The single most important aspect of a fire door is the life safety function – it has to work – people’s lives depend on it.

This simple fact defines Youngs Doors; unfailing compliance with regulation is what makes us successful. With almost 50 years of fire door production experience, coupled with unparalleled depth of knowledge, gives us our peerless know-how when it comes to technical specification, certification and compliance.

Added to this remarkable expertise is the integration of ironmongery supply – crucial in the correct functioning of a fire door.  Our qualified team of ironmongery specifier/schedulers ensures that the most suitable hardware products are supplied – all in harmony with our fire door certification.

We guarantee the high performance of our doorsets by partnering with a third party UKAS accreditation body, B M Trada. They carry out twice yearly audits of our manufacturing facilities, procedures and records. In addition to this we conduct   burn tests every other year to prove that the doorsets we manufacture are up to the job.

A full-sized fire door set made in our Norwich factory, is transported to a UKAS accredited testing facility.  It is installed in an opening on the front of a furnace and subjected to temperatures of up to 1000°C.  whilst its performance is closely monitored.

When a 30 or 60-minute rated door resists the passage of fire for the prescribed period of time, then the test is successful.  We test different door configurations and sizes, fitted with many and varied items of ironmongery.

Accumulated burn test evidence is then used to compile scientific assessments outlining exactly what we can and can’t do when it comes to making and equipping a fire door set.

B M Trada are satisfied that Youngs Doors meet their rigorous criteria and award us with UKAS accredited certification. All fire doorsets produced under their Fire Door Manufacturers scheme are fitted with tamper-proof plugs which indicate fire rating – yellow for 30-minute, blue for 60-minute.

The accumulation of test evidence over the years, along with the commissioning of assessment reports, has given Youngs Doors an unrivalled ability to manufacture and supply fire doorsets which meet and exceed the demanding requirements of todays fire safety regulations.