Hotels, leisure complexes and gymnasiums have their own particular and unique requirements.  A vast diversity of architectural door products is required to meet these needs.  Doors must integrate with the design criteria of many project types – from elegant styling of modern suites to a unique and traditional boutique hotel along with the comfortable vibe of a budget hotel. Public houses and nightclubs bring their own styles as do leisure facilities such as gyms and swimming pools. No matter the project, doors are always considered an important architectural element, able to increase the aesthetic value of any space and help create relaxing, stylish and comfortable interiors.

However, aesthetics are not the only complex element of these schemes.  Many door types are required to meet the demands of security, fire resistance and function needed in the hospitality environment. Youngs Doors has the experience and expertise to assist you in specifying the right door for the right project and application. Whether refurbishment or new build, we can assist from the earliest stages of your project to ensure the internal door sets combine the very best of design, fire safety and function.

As a single source for doors-frames-hardware we are aware that a one door solution is unrealistic for many schemes.  Youngs Doors will work with you to specify the right doors for all the special demands of a hospitality or leisure project, supplying a product and service to satisfy performance, environmental and aesthetic goals.

See below some of our completed projects: