Youngs Doors are able to complete our Single-Source Supply service by offering ironmongery supply and servicing options to all door sets.  We can offer a full ironmongery scheduling service to compliment the door package, and can even factory-install non-protruding ironmongery, offering greater than ever savings in site hours.

Recesses are formed using state of the art computer controlled machinery, offering accuracy and consistency rarely matched by the human hand.  Hinge preparation, lock mortices and forend recesses, door viewers and air transfer grille cut outs can all be formed accurately

We are fully experienced in the specification and manufacture of door-sets equipped with the revolutionary Safehinge ALU.  Doors equipped with Safehinge achieve complete finger safety as they allow the door to pivot without creating a widening gap at the hinge. This system is installed once on the fire door, lasts the life of the door and combined purchase and maintainance cost savings can be up to 75% (equating to about £500 saving per door), compared to alternative hinge cover and solutions.

Allowing this work to be done under factory conditions and prior to delivery to site minimises or alleviates costly on-site servicing, saving you time and money.