Glazed apertures can be introduced to a door specification for reasons of safety, aesthetics or to permit the transfer of light.  Vision panels can be selected from a range of popular configurations shown below, or can be produced to order for a bespoke product.  Please contact our technical team for more information.

Vision Panels

Sizes are to aperture cut outs. Bolection beads will reduce margins.

Vision panels are constructed to comply with the fire rating of the door-set into which they are fitted, and for this reason are factory glazed.

Part M of the Building Regulations stipulates that all entrance doors and internal doors where the door leaf or side panel is wider than 450mm (other than for reasons of security) should include a vision panel.  The vision panel should be installed toward the leading edge of the door and its vertical dimensions should include the minimum zone or zones for visibility.

See below some of the specifications:

INF78 Typical Door Specification

INF79 Standard Engineered Panelled Door Specification

INF80 Typical Frame Specification

INF81 Typical Screen Specification