Youngs Doors New CNC Machine

Youngs Doors have recently installed a new CNC Router which is an upgraded version of our existing machine. All programmes are interchangeable allowing flexibility as the newer version of the operating system will communicate with the existing software.

We also have the ability to write programmes separately and upload these to either machine thus eliminating the downtime of the machines. This will increase output through efficiency. The new machine has the same head/tooling configuration which means we can exchange tooling between the two work centres as needed.

Running the two CNC routers in tandem will eliminate the need to run these machines for excessive hours, reducing both maintenance costs and extending the life of the machines. Having this new machine has improved both morale and our overall productivity.

More typically customers require hinge and lock recessing to be provided as standard, we have almost doubled capacity with the inclusion of this new CNC Router, combining this with the flexibility to work on two different projects at the same period of time. With the new software being more efficient, we expect the run/cycle times will be reduced further. This should provide a pleasant work environment for the staff at all levels and enable us to offer a more wide ranging service to Group and beyond.