The Youngs Doors range of fire and acoustic flush doors and door sets has been designed to serve the needs of various sectors within the door market. In order to offer specifiers the power to move from economy through value to performance, we offer three flush door core types City, County and Mountain.

Where cost-effectiveness and large production runs dictate, the Youngs Doors City core material is a robust, tried and tested solution.

For extra durability, with the added benefit of light weight, the Youngs Doors County core solid timber range are suitable for both internal and external applications and offer excellent quality and great value.

The Youngs Doors Mountain core range are a highly specified and certified lamin-core product offering a top quality door core that can be supplied with MDF, Particleboard and Plywood faces in FD30 44mm and FD60 54mm.  With maximum stability, Mountain Range doors have a high quality surface for a range of finishes.