When incorporated into new build projects, doors designed specifically for that environment display the thoroughness
and attention to detail that has gone into the whole project.

Similarly, refurbishment or conservation work may require doors with traditional proportions, unusual sizes or specialist
timbers. Our panel doors can be manufactured to match existing doors on a project – even down to specially produced
mouldings, architrave sections etc.

Panel doors are manufactured from solid timber throughout, or solid timber framing with specialist veneered panels, or
for stability against the natural movements of timber and environmental considerations; man-made boards veneered to
replicate traditional construction techniques.

A huge variety of timber and veneer species are available, paint finishes, and even different finishes from one face of a
door to another.

Other features from the Youngs Doors range can be incorporated into panel doors; fire resistance of thirty minutes or
sixty minutes; fire rated and non-fire rated vision panels, acoustic seals to improve sound-reducing properties.

Youngs Doors will work with you to specify the right doors for all the special demands of a new –build or conservation
project, supplying a product and service to satisfy performance, environmental and aesthetic goals.

Youngs Doors offers the best in traditional and contemporary paneled door construction, with FD30 and FD60 fire rating
options to boot.

The breadth of choice means that you can confidently choose from a portfolio of performance and cost options to find a
product which matches your expectations of quality performance and value.