Technical & Support

We’re always ready to offer help and advice at any stage of a project. A wealth of experience in combining the demands of high performance within strictly defined safety parameters ensures that Youngs Doors can continue to offer technical advice to assist in specification at the design stage in areas as diverse as:

  • FD30-FD60-FD90-FD120 Fire rated doors and door sets including frames
  • Timber door frames
  • Scheduling
  • Fire escape doors
  • Acoustic doors fire rated
  • X-ray doors
  • Anti-microbial finishes
  • Fire rated panelled doors – hardwood and painted
  • Fire rated glazed screens and partitions
  • Pre-Construction Service

Our Technical team are door experts. What type of door is required for the unique project you are dealing with? How would you like it to look? Is there a life safety function? How should it operate? Are you working within environmental parameters?

Youngs Doors technical team can consider the multitude of issues such as compliance with regulations, fire rating, operational and environmental issues, and combine them into suggested specifications to assist your design.